Harp & Harmony

The recordings produced by Harp and Harmony reflect the consciousness of living in harmony with nature by blending natural sounds recorded in the Preserve with music arranged, written and performed by professional musicians using clean, renewable solar energy.

Harps, strings, Native American Flute, harmonica, tenor sax and voice are some of the instruments we use in original arrangements of songs from ancient to modern, and from different cultures resulting in an interestingly beautiful, eclectic mixture.

“Their music is like a running stream, very relaxing and soothing. I play their recordings at my art shows.”
retired Department Director, Smithsonian Institute.

“Your musicality, your handling of the concept, your artistry, your rich and satisfying repertoire, your wonderful association with and collaboration with such kindred talents, the way you interweave the music of man and nature is just a joy. I put the CD on to start the day with peace and well-being.”
Religious Practitioner

“…the caring – of the earth and of others comes through the music. How perfect for my Reiki and Healing practice.
Reiki Practitioner

Our titles include the following:

  “Evening on the Front Porch”
1998, 30 minutes
Harp, Guitar, Harmonica (no nature sounds)
Includes “Shenandoah”, “Pachelbel’s Canon”, “Tis A Gift To be Simple”, O’Carolan’s “Sheebeg & Sheemore”, “The Lark In The Morning” among others
  “Butterflies & Blossoms”
1999, 45 minutes with nature sounds
Harp, flutes, guitar, vocals, harmonica, tenor sax, native American flute and more. Includes Bach”s “Prelude in C”, “Danny Boy”, “Barbara Allen”, “What A Wonderful World”, “Scarborough Fair”, original music, and more blended with morning meadow birds, grasshoppers & crickets, hermit & wood thrushes, spring peepers among others
  “Playing in the Ocean Of Being”
2000, 60 minutes with nature sounds
Harps, strings, flute, harmonica, guitar, vocals, cathedral organ and more . Includes Handel’s “Air on a G String”, Praetorius’ “Courante”, Debussy’s “Girl With The Flaxen Hair”, O’Carolan’s “Hewlett” among others, blended with veery, red eyed vireo, misty brook mocking bird, rose breasted grosbeak, night pond sounds.
  “Fire And Ice, A Winter Solstice”
2001, 35 minutes with nature sounds
Harps, bells, strings, recorders, flutes, guitar, harmonica and more . Includes “Tis Winter Now”, “Greensleeves”, Medieval Carols”, “Carol of the Bells”, Corelli”s “Pastorale” among others. Some winter wind and sounds of nuthatches and chickadees.
  “Other Ecstasies”
2004, 55 minutes with nature sounds
Harps, bells, strings, flute, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, piano, voices and more Includes Modern and ancient Celtic tunes, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, Saint Saens’ “The Swan”, “Sentimental Journey”, “I Dream of Jeannie” and many original pieces including; “The Dance of the Chickadees”, “Hymn to the White Throated Sparrow” among others. Blended with the love sounds of porcupines, summer thunder, summer insects, waterbugs and frogs, bobolink, barred owls and other nature sounds.
  “Shawangunk Rhapsodies”
2010, 80 minutes of nature sounds
Seven tracs of the most beautiful music produced by nature from the Shawangunk Nature Preserve. The sweet sounds of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Hermit Thrush, American Toad, White Throated Sparrow and a multitude of other birds & amphibians in Spring and Summer. At least 100 different species of birds have been identified at Shawangunk. Comes with a detailed list of the birds and amphibians you hear on each trac.
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