The Shawangunk Preserve is a 516 acre Deep Ecology Learning Center and Preserve located in the Adirondack Foothills of central New York.

The purpose of the Preserve is to perpetually preserve and protect the natural ecosystems of the lands included in the Preserve from hunting, trapping, logging, recreational vehicles or any major alteration and by providing educational services to the general public to offer the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and foster an appreciation of nature.

Guided tours of the Preserve are offered to educate individuals and groups to identify birds, plants, insects & animals and learn about ecologically friendly lifestyles; showing the practical application of solar power, conservative use of water, using recycled building materials, low energy food preservation techniques, practical organic gardening and conservative fuel consumption.

The preserve offers a full range of fun, creative and educational events including:
NUGGETS, A Monthly, On-Line Newsletter:
1. Nuggets January 2019
2. Nuggets February 2019
3. Nuggets March 2019
4. Nuggets April 2019
5. Nuggets May 2019
Educational classes
Hands on workshops
Soft release program for birds and animals
Tree nursery
Publications from Forest Press
Music from Harp & Harmony
Slide presentations
Handmade crafts from the Craft Shoppe

You can also support us through volunteering, donations or booking us for a slide presentation about the Preserve, and/or a concert at your school, library, church or organization to help us share our lifestyle and ideas about low-impact living and the preservation of life.

Shawangunk Nature Preserve is a 501(3) non-profit corporation.


  All of nature is protected

50 acres of precious wetlands were added in 2014

A Native American comes here for wild herbs and feeds a chickadee

Black Creek Trailhead

Great Grandparent trees are protected

Black bears occasionally visit

Fawms are safe here

Students study our abundant amphibians

A soft release for a baby bunny

Baby robins call for food

Ornithologists come here to study

A barred owl visits occasionally

Wild orchids bloom here

A cottage has a minimal footprint

Shawangunk road in winter

Misty Brook in early winter

The water source at Misty Brook

Preserve founder, Tim gets water from Misty Brook

A rehabilitated porcupine comes here to live

Children's groups come for Nature Crafts

A Beaver lodge stands proudly

A rehabilitated beaver swims free


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