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  “Tales from Shawangunk” by Peggy Spencer Behrendt
2016, 122 pages 8 1/2" x 11"

This memoir is a compilation of the first two yearsof articles first published in Mohawk Valley Living about how Shawangunk Nature Preserve began. Well documentated with pictures, these true stories describe days of adventure, struggle, commitment and comedy that are sure to entertain and inspire.

"Despite fatigue and the stress of moving, we are excited. At last we are in a place of our own, with privacy and natural beauty. A few days later, after another heavy rain, we strip off our clothes and plunge into the rain-filled creek, half-paddling, half-crawling many yards upstream, whooping and yelling because we are free to do so…grateful that no one can hear us. It is a spontaneous urge to begin cleansing ourselves of “shoulds” and” musts” and opening our pores and souls to the freedom of discovering and creating a life that will be personally meaningful and as harmonious as possible with all living things. We crawl over dead tree trunks and duck under sprawling alder trees. We slide along the clean sand, feel the power of the rushing water on our bodies and through our hair. We kick water sprays into the forest above. Thus, we are baptized into a new life in the Adirondack wetlands of Shawangunk."

“Highly recommended! Peg Behrendt’s natural style has honest power and great anecdotes of days of struggle, comedy, and wonder.” Anne Cassebaum, author of “Down Along the Haw River”

“A gloriously detailed and unsentimental memoir...of a lifelong personal experiment in living that has wide ranging ecological implications…and it’s a good read.” John C. Herold, PHD English Literature
  “Tales from Shawangunk Volume 2” by Peggy Spencer Behrendt
2019, 131 pages 8 1/2" x 11"

"More history and tales of a life devoted to the care and guardianship of Shawangunk Nature Preserve. Peggy Spencer Behrendt's second book of diary memoirs is her valuable legacy to posterity. She and her visionary husband Tim live their lives holding fast to their beliefs and pioneer an exemplary lifestyle. Peg shares personal photographs and flamboyant vocabulary! Through her honesty and humor, we taste the wilderness setting and secretly wish it might have been ours." Janice Reilly, Oneida County Historian.
  “Cuddling With The Cosmos - A Lover's Notes” by Timothy Hume Behrendt
2016, 72 pages, 4" x 5"

This sweet volume offers, in sixty-five short, wisdom statements, summaries of the essences of many different world religions, proverbs, science and literature based on over fifty years of study, each accompanied by an original drawing or painting by the artist.

"…a little gem of compositions, truly a gift to the world' packed with universality and grace." Lynn Bladek of Boonville, NY

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  Tales from Shawangunk Vol. 1

Tales from Shawangunk Vol. 2

Cuddling With The Cosmos - A Lover's Notes